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the leaders of china power league and sgcc visited anhui electric group

on feb. 22,2014, hong yan, the director of china power league’s achievement office, wu jinke, the assistant chief engineer of sgcc’s branch, and wu mingxiang, the senior engineer of zhejiang testing center etc. made a special field trip to visit the anhui electric group management and so on.
the group leaders gave a warm reception to the visited guests and kept company with them to production, having a good knowledge of the production process of wiredrawing, twisting, aging, inspection and so on carefully.
at the scene of the production, both sides had a technical discussion on part of the key process and quality control during the conductor production. the visitors came up with a number of valuable opinions and feasible suggestion on the work flow of technical evaluation about strength of aluminum alloy wire, high conductivity of aluminium alloy core stranded wire, steel reinforced high conductivity aluminum stranded wire that anhui electric group is about to declare at the same time.



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