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south african guest comes to visit anhui electric group shares co,ltd.

 on the afternoon of october 16, 2013, leo, the leading official of south african iltec company, came to have a visit in anhui electric group shares co., ltd.
general manager, zhao jianjun and related leaders form the group received leo with a warm welcome and accompanied the visit.
in the headquarters of the group, the general manager, zhao jianjun, as a representative of the group's staff expressed his warm welcome of leo's arrival and he offered a detailed introduction focusing on the electric power project cooperated between both sides.
mr leo attached great importance to the cooperation of both sides in the electric power project. he was very satisfied with the preparation of our company, and hoped to start the project as soon as possible as well as to accelerate the process of the project.
on the same day, accompanied by the leadership of the group, leo visited the cable production line and acquired detailed understanding of the technology, staffing capability levels, production equipments and operation of quality management system and so on. in the process of investigation, leo also held in-depth talks with the workshop staffs. leo stressed that the anhui electric group‘s strong technical ability, abundant human resources and scientific quality management system are the cornerstone and guarantee of cooperation.



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